My four fundamentals to playing better golf are as follows: 

  1. Full Swing Analysis - how the body and golf club work together  in order to hit consistent shots on the range and the course
  2. Short Game Focus - the ability to get up and down more often from around the green
  3. On Course Strategy - how to plot your way around the golf course and lower your scores, based on your ability
  4. Mind Over Golf - how your brain dictates your mood and outlook on the range and the course

A better understanding of all four of these fundamentals will give you the structure and confidence to improve your game.

I will briefly outline my philosophy for improving each of these fundamentals, just click on each of the tabs above to learn more.


Please note: this website is not solely instructional but more of an overview of how I can help you with your game. If you are looking for a unique online golf coaching experience I would really look forward to hearing from you!



The process is easy, just follow these simple steps:


  • Get in touch with me using the contact form and I will send you a player profile. Please fill out the questionnaire in as much detail as possible and then return it to me. I can then build a picture of your past, present, and future golfing aspirations


  • Download Onform to your phone or tablet, then send me a video of your full golf swing, your pitching, and/or chipping technique (down the line and face on) 


  • Simply pay the fee via direct bank transfer or through PayPal, whichever is most convenient (details will be provided). I will then be able to offer you specific feedback and suggestions to enhance all areas of your game


  • Additional support will always be available.  Once you are on board, Onform allows me the coach, and you the student, to easily interact through the messaging service to regularly check on progress. Please click on the Package Fees tab to learn more  


 Karl Knight 

Farrington Park