My first memories of golf were chipping in my grandmother's back garden only a stones throw from Trevose Golf & Country Club in Cornwall, UK, aged five. Between the ages of ten, and fourteen, I was totally addicted to golf, during the school holidays. I even managed to complete 72 holes, in a day, on several occasions. I am sure that if I tried such a challenge now, I would struggle to walk for a week! 


Hard work, dedication, and some natural ability got me a place at Millfield School, UK, with an all-round sports bursary. I was absolutely obsessed with many sports at the time, so surrounding myself with many other talented students was a really important learning curve. By the time I left Millfield, not only did I had a great understanding of different coaching styles, but I was fully aware of just what level of talent it takes, to succeed in sport at an elite level.


In my early twenties all I wanted to do was travel, so off I went with my golf clubs to discover the world and gain a bit of life experience...


Qualifying as a golf coach, with the European Golf Teachers Federation, at Oliva Nova, near Valencia, Spain, in my late twenties was a real highlight. After this achievement I continued my education and coached at various locations in Andalusia, Spain, and this experience really fuelled my passion for teaching. I continued my golfing education by reading, studying, and learning from the great coaches of the time; David Leadbetter, John Jacobs, and Hank Haney to name but a few.


This inspired me to do my PGA degree in my thirties. I would like to thank David Green, who believed in my ability as a coach whilst I was based at the Wildernesse Club in Kent. Junior golf became a passion, as I really believe that the core values of golf, are a great learning tool for life itself.


My most recent international adventure took me to Canada for two seasons at Cabot Links International Resort. Initially as an assistant professional, and then in my second season as Director of the Golf Academy and a Titleist staff player. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I immersed myself  in all that this great game has to offer. This was a real challenge with great diversity that had me welcoming international guests, managing both the golf services team and the extensive roster of caddies. Working alongside a great team of like minded PGA professionals, was a real highlight.


Links golf has always been my guilty pleasure. I'm not sure why I am so drawn to questionable bounces and gale force winds but perhaps we all ask ourselves these types of questions as golfers!


I have played for forty two years, worked in the industry for nearly twenty five years, and coached at more than ten different golf facilities all over the world. This experience has propelled me into the truly unique position of understanding golfers needs on a global scale. Now based back in the UK, I am offering a unique international online golf coaching experience and a fresh dynamic for golfers of all ages and abilities. Please lean on my extensive knowledge and I sincerely believe I can help you to enhance your golf game.


Karl Knight

The 14th hole at the Wildernesse Club